We work on awareness, prevention, screening

Diabetes is a disease with a silent and progressive onset and, especially at the beginning, people with diabetes do not perceive its symptoms, which become more evident as the disease progresses.

Worldwide, nearly one in two adults lives with diabetes without knowing their condition. The International Diabetes Federation estimates that there are approximately 240 million people with undiagnosed diabetes worldwide. Diabetes is poorly understood among the population of Guinea-Bissau, and for lack of means people do not go see a doctor when they get sick, to the point that many are affected by this condition without even knowing.

Given the lack of specialized public infrastructure and medical expertise in the country, AAPDGB plays a particularly important role to assist the population by providing free screening and diagnostic services so that those affected can become aware and then get appropriate treatment.

Free screenings are offered during awareness and prevention campaigns. In 2019, 6 campaigns were organized, resulting in about 50 people screened and between 5-10 people diagnosed with diabetes for each campaign. Most of these diagnosed patients were not aware of their medical condition. Such campaigns are crucial because they are an opportunity for them to learn about the disease and get their health status checked.

AAPDGB works in partnership with the local association ASLUCODIABETES-GB.

Ms. Artemisa Lopes, ASLUCODIABETES-GB founder and coordinator, is closely involved in our awareness and screening campaigns.