Support activity

What our association does

Ongoing support

The role of the association does not stop at diagnosis.

We offer patient care to help diabetic patients as best as possible and provide them with the advice and assistance they need. Special attention is given to children and pregnant women.

Hospital and home visits

Regular doctor’s visits are essential for diabetic patients. However, often complications from untreated diabetes result in the amputation of a lower limb, which makes it extremely challenging to transport patients to the hospital.

Nurse Géraldina Tomé, Rev. João Djalo and Ms. Artemisa Lopes regularly do home visits to amputee patients that have been followed by the joint AAPDGB and ASLUCODIABETES-GB teams since their hospitalization. On those occasions, patients receive advice on how to follow a suitable diet and keep their blood sugar levels in check, as well as medical assistance for complications related to the amputation.

Support to children

Ms. Artemisa Lopes, from the association ASLUCODIABETES-GB, graciously makes her own home available for the reception of affected children and their families. The Simão Mendes National Hospital as well as the parents of diabetic children rely on the association to help them check the conditions of young patients.

Success stories

Esther is 17 years old, she has suffered from asthma and diabetes for three years now. Her adoptive father explains to us that the young girl’s state of health has significantly improved after being taken care of by the association, which provides them with insulin and the appropriate equipment to stabilize her condition. Nurse Géraldina Tomé visits them twice a week and they go to the consultation if they need support.

Lassana is 13 years old, she was referred to our association in 2017 by the Simão Mendes National Hospital, following several visits to intensive care. Her diabetes was diagnosed in 2015 but her family did not have the resources to manage her disease. Lassana currently lives with her grandmother who helps her to manage her diabetes, supported by Nurse Géraldina Tomé who regularly visits their home.

Fatoumata is 19 years old and has only been followed for a few months by the association. This young girl was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 15. Being an orphan, she says she checks her health and gives herself insulin injections every day. Although her condition is now stable, she still has some after-effects due to the lack of care for several years, in particular a loss of mobility in her legs.