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The Association Suisse Aide aux Personnes Diabétiques en Guinée-Bissau (Swiss Association for Help to Diabetics in Guinea-Bissau) helps people in Guinea-Bissau who suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure and who do not have the necessary resources to treat their condition.

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Humanitarian missions

Over the years we have been able to set up 3 humanitarian missions with the University Hospital of Geneva (HUG) and Municipality of Geneva:


Target: analysis of the situation in the Country regarding the care of diabetic patients and the reality of hospitals in and outside Bissau.

Outcome: Consistent background and Publications.


Target: Training of physicians and nurses on the specialized management of diabetes.

Outcome: set up of a specialised medical unit at the Simão Mendes  National Hospital.


Target: Training of physicians and nurses on the specialized management of diabetes.

Outcome: Implementation of the specialised medical consultancy at the Simão Mendes  National Hospital.


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The prevalence of diabetes mellitus in sub-Saharan Africa has increased rapidly in recent decades and is expected to more than double by 2040.
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Awareness & Prevention

In Guinea-Bissau, diabetes is still a little known disease among the population. The awareness and prevention campaign is therefore of paramount importance. Its primary role is to make the population aware of the disease, to warn them and to sensitize them. The AAPDGB association therefore organizes workshops with the population to explain and prevent the disease.

The different forms of diabetes

Type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes.

The importance of screening

Monitor blood glucose levels regularly.

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Immediate emergency in Bissau

We need solar-powered refrigerators to store insulin for type 1 diabetic children. With your contribution you can help this humanitarian project in a concrete way
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